As an Australian owned company, with its beginnings going back to the 1940s, Arlec has grown to be the largest privately owned wholesaler of all sorts of electrical products, accessories, as well as premium electronic. None of the success would be possible if not for utmost dedication and painstaking work to come up with products that would become part of almost every workplace and home in Australia.

From baby steps in a small laundry of the St. George Hotel, located in Melbourne, Arlec Australia Pty Ltd was operating under A&R Electronic Equipment Company Pty Ltd, and A&R Transformers Pty Ltd corporate banners, both based on the principles of business partner Mr. A. Roudi, and the qualified electrical engineer, Mr. D.K. Anderson, Arlec grew over the decades into the successful wholesaler company it is today with sales of millions of units every year.

Part of this decades-long success is also due to the company’s international outlook since 1963, when product sourcing and manufacture was also transferred to Asian soil, and it was this strategic move that helped shift the focus of the business from commercial to wholesaling of domestic DIY product bases.

The growth of the company urged for change of premises, from the laundry, to the premise at 378 St. Kilda Road in the 1950s, the larger facilities in Box Hill in 1961, the headquarters in Chirnside Park in the late 1990s, and then Blackburn where it still is to the present day. The company nowadays proudly relies on a team of in-house staff of 60 professionals, and a trained sales team that service stores Australia round.


Part of the company’s secret of success lies in the ingeniousness of product designs, created particularly well to suit the harsh conditions of Australasia. The firm principles, and the dedication to in-house design innovation and engineering, relying on meticulous planning and cutting-edge technology, results in top-notch products that are just what the Australian standards, safety standards, electromagnetic emissions standards, codes, and requirements demand.

The vast scope of Arlec products, out of which many are patented and registered designs, falls into several basic consumer product categories: Workshop requirements, Security, Lighting, Homeware, Wiring, and Communications. Other known categories of products are cooling, heating, power boards, timers, torches and batteries, door chimes, extension leads, and trade products.

Always keeping up the step with innovations and trends, especially when it comes to the environment, Arlec has made its way and fame for the wide range of energy saving products, from energy-efficient LED sensor lights to the use of eco-friendly plastics for switches, focusing on recyclability.


Here are some useful videos of Arlec products, with specific instructions meant to help out all customers.

Arlec Products

Contact Information

Arlec Global Headquarters

Address: Building 3, 31-41 Joseph Street

Blackburn North, Victoria, Australia 3130

Mail: PO BOX 1065, Blackburn North

Victoria 3130, Australia

Phone: 1800 826 859 (toll free)

Sales Fax: 1300 360 650

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