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Komatsu, the world’s second largest manufacturer of mining, construction and utility machinery, was founded in 1921 in Japan. Originally a part of Takeuchi Mining Company, Komatsu’s main focus was on manufacturing mining equipment and machine tools. Company had a turning point in 1947 when it manufactured first redesigned bulldozer. Soon production moved to manufacturing forklifts and dump trucks expanding company focus into construction industry. Komatsu’s reliability and quality quickly made notice in the world and since 1955 company supplies numerous countries worldwide with its high-end equipment. With its headquarters and main manufacturing plant in Japan, Komatsu has production, service and sales units throughout the world which generate about 55% of company’s net sales. Based on integrity, quality, commitment and innovation Komatsu brand represents a legacy that lives for over 75 years. With a variety of models designed to suit diverse customers’ needs and provide the best of results even in the harshest environments, Komatsu brand proves why it is globally approved brand. Moreover, Komatsu is actively engaged in developing new technologies and high-end products to prove its well deserved customers’ trust.


Komatsu brand is not only an international leader in manufacturing mining and construction machinery but also produces vehicles, powerful industrial equipment and electronic products. With units worldwide and wide range of products Komatsu guarantees complete customer satisfaction. If you are in need of excavator, loader, bulldozer or a forklift, Komatsu Australia offers more than just high-end, durable machinery. Komatsu Australia is firmly committed to providing powerful, safe and innovative products that meet diverse needs and high expectations of its customers from various industries.

Backhoe Loader is a multipurpose, highly versatile machine featuring various functions and can be used both as an excavator and a loader. Its powerful diesel-fueled engine, telescopic arm and high-end technology help get job faster and more efficient. This machine also features great stability while digging, ability to dig along the walls as well as the ability to lift, grab, drill and level.

Excavator is another versatile machine used for digging and loading. A wide range of models are loaded with power, outstanding stability, excellent maneuverability, and great lifting capacity. In addition, all excavators are fuel efficient loaded with innovative, high tech engines and come with advanced version of KOMTRAX – a Komatsu monitoring system that provides information about equipment’s operation helping to improve overall product’s productivity.

Wheel Loader is a perfect multi-purpose machine for loading excavated earth. They come in different sizes ranging from mini wheel loader suitable for snow removal and farming to super-large used in mining industry. All wheel loaders come with Komatsu monitoring system KOMTRAX and are loaded with power, high productivity, fuel-efficient engines and superior comfort. Their superior design, high-end innovative technology and long service life enable high operation’s efficiency in terms of time and cost.

Bulldozer is the most viable Komatsu machine with turbocharged, powerful engine for more efficient operation. Easy-to-operate with long service life, this machine is loaded with smooth, power shifting, high-tensile steel blades, high-capacity bucket and durable track. All Komatsu bulldozers are designed to to meet the widest range of customers’ needs and are very fuel efficient with the lowest consumption rate of all equipment available on the market.

Dump Truck are used for hauling construction materials and excavated earth and are available for both construction and agricultural use. Loaded with powerful engines, spacious cabin with excellent visibility, fully automatic transmission and easy-to-use features, Komatsu dump trucks guarantee exceptional durability and maximum reliability. With built-in innovative technology Komatsu dump trucks can transport heavy loads quickly, easily and cost effectively.


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Interesting Facts & Events

In 2008, Komatsu introduces world’s first hybrid hydraulic excavator


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