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Riedel is an Austrian brand best known for design and production of high quality wine glasses and glass decanters. Established in 1756 by Johann Leopold Riedel, the brand has been family operated for 11 generations and worldwide known for its innovative design and high quality end-products for over 250 years. It wasn’t until 1961 that the brand encountered successful turning point and became a forerunner of style, trend and convenience. Claus Riedel was the founder of what Riedel brand stands for today introducing wine glasses designed to emphasize distinctive components of different wines. Following his father’s path, George Riedel further polished this idea with a belief that a wine glass can express wine better and began producing glasses suitable to specific grape variety. In 1986 he introduced machine-blown glasses making them affordable to wide range of customers and wine lovers further increasing the success of family inherited business. Today, together with his son Maximilian, the CEO of United States subsidiary, George continues the impressive history of this worldwide brand. character of the wine. He is thus the inventor of the functional wine glass.
Make a journey through our world of glasses and senses. On the following internet pages you will find detailed information about our glass creations and our unique philosophies on the ultimate enjoyment of wine.


Riedel offers a wide range of products from various glass collections to wine decanters and accessories. Each and every product offered is specially designed to both emphasize various types of wines and accommodate diverse needs of wine lovers. Riedel products represent a balanced mixture of aesthetic and functional complementing overall enjoyment of wine.

Glass Collections

Riedel brand is available worldwide with more than a dozen collections offering glasses of different design, style and material all to meet the needs of its customers.
Sommeliers is the first Reidel collection introduced in 1973. With its revolutionary design and available in different sizes, this collection rapidly gained global recognition and laid groundwork for future stemware designs. Made in lead crystal and mouth-blown, glasses from this collection make every sip of wine a true celebration.
Vinum, introduced in 1986, is the first collection of machine-blown glasses produced solely to suite different grape varieties. Their design proves Riedel’s known tagline that Wine starts with the glass. In addition, reasonable pricing helped its wide distribution among wine consumers and restaurant owners.
Ouverture (1989) collection is perfect for everyday use. These machine-blown, non-leaded crystal glasses feature a generously sized bowl with easy-to-hold stem just perfect for your favorite wine.
The O Wine Tumbler collection of unique stemless glasses is another proof why this brand has been known and popular worldwide for over two centuries. Designed to offer an exceptional experience with every sip, this collection is meant for everyday use. Its fun, casual and trendy design makes this collection very popular. First introduced in 2004 by Maximilian Reidel, this collection of machine-blown, non-lead crystal glasses represents an innovative approach on the everyday, casual wine drinking pleasure.

Riedel Decanters are more than serving vessel for wines. Made of lead crystal in different styles and sizes,all Riedel decanters are produced to ensure wines’ best clarity, bouquet and taste for increased pleasure as well as dramatic presentation.
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Interesting Facts & Events
*Riedel does not brand its stemware – there is no engraving of any kind on a genuine Riedel wine glass.
*Riedel was the first to develop wine glasses to specific grape variety
*Maximilian Riedel is 11th generation member of this family owned and operated brand

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