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John Deere brand is a synonym for agricultural and turf equipment in Heavy Equipment Industry today. Founded in 1868 by John Deere, the company grew from a small blacksmith shop (where in 1837 John Deere made first steel plow) into one of the world’s most respected businesses. Based on integrity, quality, commitment and innovation John Deere brand represents a legacy that lives for over 175 years. Known for its tagline “Nothing runs like a Deere”, company has encountered many changes in its products and services and continues to embrace this policy all in order to better serve all who are in some sense bound to the land.
John Deere is globally recognized brand with main focus on six major zones also known as primary world’s growth areas – the United States and Canada, Europe, Brazil, Russia, India and China. With its well known past and promising future, John Deere is the equipment supplier of choice for many who cultivate, harvest and enrich land.


John Deere offers a wide range of products with different models all to accommodate diverse needs of his customers. Each machine embodies brand’s core values which are: reduced labor cost, increased efficiency and better land management. If you are in a need of a tractor, header/harvester, lawn mower, skid steer, hay baler or any other heavy equipment machine look no further than John Deere since “Nothing runs like a Deere”.

Deere’s tractors are loaded with power, easy-to-manage features, comfort and abundance of storage space all of which contribute to faster, more productive and more efficiently done job.

New 5E Series Tractor with 12 forward and 12 reverse gears and advanced Efficiency Manager feature which automatically adjusts the performance of the engine improves efficiency, flexibility and speed of your work. Whether you choose regular or the deluxe climate-controlled cab, you will save money and improve work with easy push-pull PTO actuation and low-effort four-wheel-drive.

7R Series with up to 280 engine horse power, longer wheelbase, two transmissions combines the versatility of a utility tractor with the power of a row-crop tractor. It’s stability and maneuverability and greater fuel efficiency make it a perfect machine for hayfields or cornfields.

In addition, Deere offers a whole line of 6D, 6M and 6R family tractors (up to 210 horse power) and 9R/9/RT tractors for largest jobs featuring exceptional capacity and up to 560 horse power.
Deere harvesters represent perfect balance between design and power delivering consistent performance and time efficiency. Over 175 years of design, innovation and improvement in harvesting equipment has resulted in a perfect solution for every farmer. You will spend less time in the field, yet get higher grain quality with one of Deere’s S-Series or T-Series Harvesters. These harvesters give extra results when accompanied by 600C Series Corn Header which with its superior design is able to gather grain when harvesting standing, down or leaning crops.

Lawn Tractors
All Deere’s lawn tractors are made to suit all their customers’ needs. With hard workers who stand behind every part implementing 175 years of innovative engineering each of these machines are designed to be highly versatile and easy to use. Whether you opt for X739 Signature Series Tractor, 1025R Sub-Compact Utility Tractor, D105 Lawn Tractor or Z235 EZtrak Mower you will get the job done right every time.

Hay Baler
9 Series Balers are made stronger to meet needs of producers of all sizes. The new design with maximized productivity enables balers to gather wet and heavy crop lowering operating cost and increasing work efficiency. If you do not own one of these you should. Every farmer knows how important it is to have strong baler for higher hay quality, crop gathering and overall business improvement.

Skid Steer
John Deer not only take customers’ input into consideration but takes the core of manufacturing always a level higher which results in both operator and environment friendly machinery. All Deere’s skid loaders deliver high stability, power and job efficiency helping you to get more done for less. Both D-Series Skid Steer and the new 313-Series Skid Steer have easy attachment hookup, increased foot room, more horsepower, switchable controls that let you choose between ISO, H-pattern, and foot controls and are highly versatile. In addition, their heavy-duty drive chains that do not need adjustment and large capacity fuel tank guarantee their easy maintenance.

Video Adds

John Deere incorporates its innovative style in all aspects of the brand including adds and commercials. A sense of passion and loyalty and deep connection with customers best describes their advertisement. Take a look at few most popular commercials and decide for yourself if you should be a Deere owner.

Below is the first ad in which John Deere explains to consumers why they should own one of his products

Follow the links below and see why many consumers are true to the John Deere brand.

Retailers & On-Line Stores

Western Farm Services PTY LTD
588 Ballarat Road, Sunshine VIC 3020
phone: 03 9363 8100

Glenmac Sales & Services P/L
85 Bald Hill Road, Pakenham VIC 3810
phone: 03 5941 5966

166 Victoria Street, North Geelong VIC 3215
phone: 03 5277 9366

Windmill Ag PTY LTD
1st location: Brewery Tap Road & Western Highway, Ballart VIC 3350
phone: 03 5334 7555
2nd location: 2 Hogans Road, Leongatha South VIC 3956
phone: 03 5667 6600

Interesting Facts & Events

*Many do not know that John Deere is a native of Rutland, Vermont and moved to Grand detour, Illinois in 1836 where today’s brand was born
*John Deere married his wife’s sister a year after her passing
*John Deere had nine children – five with first wife and four with his second wife

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