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BSN stands for Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, a company completely dedicated to producing dynamic, quality sports products using only cutting-edge technology. The company was founded in 2001 and from the very beginning has been working its way to become a leader in the sport nutrition market. The 35 sports nutrition awards won over the last six years have only strengthened the brand’s authority on the market. Hard work paid off exactly how the company wanted to: a strong and numerous base of loyal, faithful consumers among which are a significant number of celebrity athletes. The consumer base is of global character, as BSN’s reach in 90 countries worldwide is supported by 40000 retailers.



BSN’s products are multi-functional and can be used by consumers of various types who lead different types of lifestyles. The vast palette of supplementation includes:

  1. Protein supplements

It’s common knowledge that a certain amount of protein is needed on daily level to satisfy the muscle’s need for growth. Most people don’t consume that much protein from food, so incorporating protein supplements in your daily menu is the fastest, safest and most secure way for doing so. BSN’s palette of protein supplements includes: protein isolate, the Syntha-6 which is 100% isolate used for muscle recovery after trainings, growth as well as nutrition; the Ultra-Premium Lean Muscle Protein Beverage which is a tasty ready-to-drink protein beverage; the Isoburn – a 2 in 1 product for muscle building and fat burning and True Mass – the ultimate lean mass gainer.

  1. Pre Workout/Energy supplements

The mix of specific amounts of vitamins, minerals and herbs designed for increasing energy levels before working out is called a pre-workout supplement. Our palette includes several types of energy supplements for maximum performance: the Pre-Workout Igniter designed for enhanced endurance which you can also find as a ready-to-drink variety, the HyperX Energy and Focus Amplifier for amplified energy levels and the Hyper Shred, which is a thermodynamic metabolic activator.

  1. Recovery/Performance products

The main stage of every effective workout is recovery. It’s when your muscles use the protein in your body to grow. For an easy and fast recovery process, we offer you a number of recovery products: the AminoX RTD – an amino acid blend with electrolytes for fast recovery, the AminoX effervescent amino acids, the Cellmass concentrated post workout recovery and the Nitrix which is a nitric oxide precursor.

  1. DNA Series

The DNA Series offer products which consist of 100% whey protein sources can provide up to 24 grams of muscle-building protein per scoop. Plus, they are flavoured, so your milkshakes and smoothies will definitely be pretty tasty to consume. The product line includes several products: Whey DNA protein, Creatine DNA for recovery, Glutamine DNA, Fish Oil DNA and CLA DNA for recovery and performance.

  1. Merchandise

Since we know fitness is a passion you have devoted yourself to completely, we designed a clothing line to fit in your training. We offer you the BSN Logo Hexagon T-Shirt in black and red colour, and the N.O. – Xplode T-Shirt in black, red and grey colour. For your smoothies and shakes you can get the fancy BSN Red Shaker cup which is made of FDA-approved material.

Video Commercials and Ads

BSN’s motto: “Push and finish first” has been the motivating mantra for a number of distinguished athletes who choose BSN as their partner on the road to becoming champions in their respective fields. Moreover, many of them share their BSN experience in BSN’s YouTube Channel where you can find a lot of useful information and videos on fitness and nutrition – the type champion bodybuilders do.

Among the many athletes, you will encounter the names of IFBB Pro competitors, MMA fighters and fitness models like: Amanda Latona – IFBB Bikini Pro weider athlete, India Paulino – an IFBB Bikini Competitor, Conor McGregor – the famous UFC Tittle Holder and MMA professional fighter, Flex Luis – a professional bodybuilder, Scott Herman – a fitness model and owner of Scott Herman Fitness, and many more.

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