Burberry is renowned British fashion brand best known for its distinctive plaid pattern of red, camel, black and white lines. With a history of over 150 years, Burberry has become one of leading luxury brands worldwide. Founded in 1856 in Basingstoke, England by a young and talented apprentice to the country drape, Thomas Burberry, this famous fashion brand has been known for its innovative design, high-quality fabrics and remarkable design. The company’ turning point in rich history is Thomas’s invention of world’s first water-resistant fabric known as gabardine. This fabric was not only weather-proof but also breathable and extremely durable. Soon, Thomas Burberry opened his first shop in London at the Haymarket and since the brand has continued to expand globally. Today, Burberry owns numerous stores in over 38 countries and has become one of the most popular fashion brands among riches, celebrities and public figures. Burberry continues to surprise fashion world with each new collection by revolutionizing its signature products mixing the modern style with long-held tradition. Every new design enhances Burberry’s well known reputation for innovation, quality and design and proves why Burberry has managed to stay on top for so long.


Burberry’s innovative design and high-quality products show extraordinary adaptability which is why this brand, among a handful of others, have taken fashion by storm and in some sense has defined 21st century’s fashion trends. With a variety of products to choose from, ranging from clothing and handbags to fragrances and eyewear, Burberry lives up to its consumers’ expectations with every new collection.

Apparel – Best known for its line of weather-tested and highly durable, yet stylish trench coats, Burberry also offers a full line of ready-to-wear luxury clothing. Brand’s unique style of comfort, glamour and sophistication is incorporated in men’s, women’s and child’s wear. Trend-setting design with a mixture of simplicity and vintage has been the most sought-after style among young people of all ranks today.

Footwear – Burberry’s unique style of comfort and tradition is incorporated in women’s shoes as well. Burberry heels not only represent beauty, simplicity and glamour, but also a mixture of modern and traditional. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and shapes all to satisfy various consumers’ needs and demands.

Handbag – Brand’s eminent plaid trademark, top-quality material and avant-garde design make every Burberry handbag a piece of art. Popular among celebrities and starlets on the red carpet, Burberry handbags are ranked among top luxury products. With many models, styles, colors and sizes to choose from, these handbags are every woman’s dream.

Eyewear – Burberry’s fashion eyewear is trendy, popular and is in every sense reflects well-known
and prominent Burberry design and style. Offered in variety of shapes, sizes and colors, they are the must-have accessory today.

Beauty & Fragrance – Burberry continues its impact on fashion, cinsumer connectivity and innovation through its line of beauty and fragrances. The brand released its first fragrance called Burberry for Men in 1981. Since followed numerous fragrances epthet for Burberry’s traditional elegance with a modern twist. All Burberry fragrances are highly rated and popular amon consumers worldwide. Follow the link below and pamper yourself with one of these beautiful branded perfumes by Burberry


Adds and Video Commercials

Below is an ad for Burberry’s new collection featuring Romeo Beckham.


Follow the links below and see why many customers are true to the Burberry brand

Retailers & On-Line Stores

Crown Entertaimnet
Comlex Melbourne
phone: +61 3 9690 1100

David Jones
phone: +61 3 9643 2272

David Jones
phone: +61 2 9264 9604

Interesting Facts & Events

*Thomas Burberry was only 21 years old when he founded Burberry Company
* Ronald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole and Ernest Shackleton, the first to lead an expedition across Antartic were the first public figures to wear Burberry’s well-known, weather-proof and durable trench coat
* It wasn’t until 1920 that iconic Burberry check was born
* Burberry’s trench coat was the official coat of British army in World War I
* Burberry was awarded the Royal Warrant in 1955 by Queen Elizabeth II in 1955 and addition Royal Warrant in 1989 by the Prince of Wales.
* Burberry’s first appearance in Vogue magazine was in 1904
* US customers were first to have the privilege to buy Burberry products on-line

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