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Cargo Crew is an Australian owned and operated business based in Melbourne that’s dedicated to designing work uniforms for men and women alike, which combine functionality and style. The business sells direct, with no minimums required, and they lead the industry in innovation, functionality and style. They have a wide range of products which range from original designer aprons, premium t-shirts and knits, contemporary work uniform shirts and fitting pants, which complete any modern uniform look.

While the business officially launched in 2012, it’s roots date back in 2002, when fashion designer Felicity Rodgers started creating contemporary work clothes for men and women alike that they would be proud to wear. The business started in a one-bedroom flat in Clifton Hill, Melbourne, but it wasn’t long before she built a decent clientele by creating quality customised uniforms that complimented and enhanced the brands of the businesses wearing them.

The business was initially meant to accommodate the hospitality audience, but it wasn’t long after that the range of clients expanded and now they serve a hugely diverse customer base. Cargo Crew was named Telstra National Small Business of the year in 2015, and today they’ve grown into a team of over 20 talented people working out of Melbourne, and some of the clients they have include Renault, Twitter, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, Hoyts & Freedom Furniture, and many more.


Cargo Crew designs working clothes for men and women that are both functional, comfortable and make a statement. The wide range of aprons, shirts, pants and accessories, they design work clothes for bakers, candlestick makers, butcher, cafeteria workers and everyone in between.


The aprons Cargo Crew provides are more than mere protection on one’s clothes. Nowadays, baristas, florists, customer service crews, wait staff and beauticians all identify the aprons as essential pieces of their uniform, and an expressive and fashionable extension of their brand. Some of the aprons Cargo Crew designs include the Deluxe Canvas Bib Apron, Boston Distressed Denim Bib Apron, Tokyo Bib Apron and many more.

Work Uniform Tops

The wide range of premium quality tops Cargo Crew designs are fit to wear for any occasion. The collection includes Max Check, Frankie Check, Smith Oxford, Rex Utility, Campbell, Bailey Denim, Riviera Striped, Piper and Dixon Stripe shirt. Furthermore, you’ll find these collection as work shirts, work t-shirts, polo, vests and waistcoats, knitwear and dresses. All of the products at Cargo Crew combine style, comfort and functionality, which makes them some of the most sought-after working uniforms in Australia.

Work Uniform Bottoms

The bottoms sold at Cargo Crew are the perfect partner to their tops, and they complete the stylish corporate uniforms. Or when paired with the aprons, they’re ideal for smart, stylish hospitality apparel. The range includes Chino pants and skirts that provide comfort and represent a fresh alternative to the generic pants and jeans, adding a modern touch to any work uniform.

Video Commercials & Ads

Work Clothes For Men

This is their youtube channel, where they showcase some of their products, and how you can turn your mundane work clothes into work clothes that are exciting, personal and professional at the same time.

Here’s an article smh wrote about them a while ago:

Headquarters: Melbourne, Victoria
Year Founded: 2002
Company Type: Sole Proprietorship
Size: 11-50 employees

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