Cartier was founded in Paris, France in 1847 by master jeweler, Louis Francois Cartier. In 1899, Cartier opened its premises at prominent cosmopolitan hub which attracted famous figures form all over the world. In 1904, Pierre, founder’s grandson and the one who was responsible for establishing the brand name, traveled to Russia, which inspired numerous famous creations of this brand. In 1909, Cartier opened first boutique in England and in 1911, the first office was opened in India. Pierre Cartier soon moved America to run the New York subsidiary. American clientele first consisted of rich industrialists and soon joined in famous Broadway stars. Nowadays, this brand is inevitable part of Hollywood celebrities’ jewelry collections. Even Catherine Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge wore Cartier tiara crated in 1936 on her wedding day.

Cartier is best known for its signature animal, the panther. In fact, the panther has in some sense influenced brand’s designs. The first time Cartier recreated panther’s fur was in 1914 on a wrist watch by carefully setting precious stones. The panther became even more popular after Jeanne Toussaint, director of fine jewelry, who’s nickname was ‘The Panther’. She was responsible for some of the finest and most luxurious jewelry pieces Cartier put a name on. Because of her creativity and free thinking, Cartier was the first jewelry brand to explore womanhood thought the symbol of the panther, which soon became a key element of numerous Cartier designs. Soon, various flora and fauna motives became part of Cartier brand. Cartier is also known for its timeless watches. Today, Cartier is a symbol of luxurious jewelry pieces adorned with diamonds and precious gems.



Jewelery – Cartier offers a huge range of stylish jewelery from bracelets, necklaces, brooches and earrings to precious diamond jewelery collections and finest engagement rings. Every piece is unique in design, stone formation and style. However, one thing is common for all Cartier jewelry pieces and that is quality. And because of high quality and distinctive style, Cartier brand is well-know and desired by many.

Watches – World known Cartier watches for both women and men, stand for timelessness, luxury and elegance. Brand’s famous Santos de Cartier, Tank, Ballon Bleu de Cartier, Calibre de Cartier watches and more feature timeless design, impeccable details and quality.

Bridal – This Cartier category includes beautiful and unique diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. The elegant honeymoon, ballerine, Cartier d’Amour, Solitaire 1895 and more engagement rings adorned with diamonds that stand for elegance. Here, Cartier also offers beautiful, classic, creative and engraved wedding bands.

Accessories – Cartier also offers huge range of accessories for women and men. Here you can find high quality leather goods, scarves, eyewear, personal accessories and beautiful and unique home decor pieces

Fragrances – Perfumes are very important of Cartier. Famous women fragrances are Eau de Cartier, Must de Cartier. Cartier also designs fragrances for men – Roadster, Santos de Cartier, Pasha de Cartier, etc

Video Commercials & Adds

Below is an ad for Cartier’s diamond engagement ring – True love has a color and a name.


Watch the video below and see why Cartier is a king of luxury jewelery.

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Interesting Facts & Events

* Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wore the Halo Scroll tiara created by Cartier in 1936.

* Diamonds were first discovered in India but they were not used on engagement rings and wedding bands until the 15th century.
* Men were the first to wear jewelry as a status symbol and as good luck amulets to aid them in battle.

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