Condura is an Australian clothing & accessories brand founded in the late 1985. Defined by its ultramodern, stylish and comfortable Australian approach, Condura became one of the most popular fashion-focused Australian brands specialized in creating the impossible and most beautiful accessories.

There is nothing better than building the trust on credibility and this was Condura’s main goal – to build its reputation on quality, trust and a strong sense of sensibility and value. All this including affordability, were Condura’s main focus which is why the company became an iconic Australian brand so quickly. Condura marks decades of success for popularising affordable, stylish and functional fashion accessories for the everyday Australian woman. Today, Condura celebrates 30 years of success on the Australia market and has become one of the most celebrated brands.

In the past, Condura has supplied made-to-order products to high street stores and leading department stores (like George’s in those days), Big W, and continues to supply stores like Myer and other large fashion chain stores that focus on quality and functionality. Aside from Australia, nowadays, Condura supplies its products to many other individual stores across New Zealand and overseas.

Emphasizing on quality and value, Condura offers inspiring accessories, a range of daily, casual, beach and evening bags, feminine scarves and a bonny range of gloves including leather and wool blend.


  • Bags – Statement-makers, luxurious, sophisticated, trendy and quality are the synonyms for Condura’s bags. Since bags are the BFFs of every woman, they are a must. Reveal your elegance, sophistication and sense of style with Condura’s elegant, night out and daily handbags on sale; after all, a lady can always make a room for one more statement bag in her closet. Just dive into the Condura’s sea of bags, take advantage of their handbags on sale offers and choose the right one for you, whether it is for the beach, for casual everyday walks, for work or for going out.

  • Hats – There is no better way to finish your outfit than with a statement hat. Whether for casual get-together with friends or for elegant night outs, Condura has the right hats for every woman. You can choose between fedoras, visors, sun hats, brim hats, beanie, cloche hats and many more.

  • Scarves – Get wrapped up in the craze and shop pretty prints, different styles and materials of scarves. Whether summery or wintry, lightweight or knitted, Condura has you covered. Soft, silky, warm, colourful and neutral, shop for quality and comfortable scarves from Condura.

  • Gloves – Experience winter adventures while staying warm and fashionable during the cold and chilly days with Condura’s plethora of stylish leather and wool gloves.

  • Shoes – Protect and comfort your feet while doing various activities. Revamp your wardrobe and enjoy in the Condura’s shoe comfort and stability. From flats, boots and rain boots to sandals, Condura has numerous and diverse designs and styles of shoes that will suit the needs and taste of every woman.

  • Apparel – Wrap your body with the coziest and softest Condura’s clothing for women. Stay casual, warm and fashionable during the winter days with Condura’s wool, rabbit fur and other material vests, cardigans and ponchos, and be stylish, attractive and sexy even when on the beach with Condura’s impeccable kaftans and cover-ups.



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