Cummins is a popular American manufacturer of engines, generators and filtration products. The products form Cummins can be seen in every corner of the world. As one of the most reliable engine manufacturers, Cummins offers a wide range of air handling systems, fuel systems, controls systems, filtration systems and emission control systems. Cummins was established in 1919 by Chauffeur Clessie Cummins in Indiana, United States. At the beginning, the company was focused only on producing diesel engines. After many tries, in 1930, Clessie Cummins introduced the first successful diesel automobile engine, which was immediately regarded as the best diesel engine on the market. With hard work, endless efforts and constant innovations, Cummins managed to become a synonymous for heavy-duty and high-quality diesel engines.

After the initial success, the company started to expand its operations beyond the states. In 1956, Cummins opened its first foreign manufacturing facility in Scotland, and by the end of the 1960s, Cummins established a sales and service network of 2,500 dealers in about 98 countries. Today, the Cummins generator, engine and many other products are being produced in 5,000 facilities in more than 195 countries around the world. Cummins Corporation includes four business units: Cummins Engine Business, Cummins Generator Business, Cummins Components Business and Cummins Distribution Business.


Although it is primarily known as an engine manufacturer, Cummins is more than that. With four business units, the company designs, manufacturers, and sells engine related technologies, such as controls, air handling, emission solutions, electrical power generators, fuel systems and other products. Here are the most popular products from Cummins:

Cummins Engine – Without doubts, the Cummins engines are the most popular products form this American manufacturer. Cummins offers natural gas-powered and diesel engines. Efficient and powerful, the Cummins engines are ideal for different vehicles, like compact trucks, ambulance vehicles, marine, mining and construction machines.

Cummins Generator – The Cummins generator is another popular product. It is used for a variety of applications, such as keeping the lights of many homes and hospitals during power outages. Fully-integrated and efficient, the Cummins generator is built to deliver the best performance. Thanks to its innovative features, the Cummins generator is a number one choice for many industrial facilities and homeowners.

Cummins Fuel Systems – The fuel systems from Cummins enable the engines to maximize the fuel economy and to reach their peak performance, while meeting the latest emissions requirements. Since the fuel systems from Cummins come with the latest technologies, reliability is guaranteed. With experience of over 80 years in producing fuel systems, Cummins today offers a variety of fuel systems: high pressure injection, extreme pressure injection and common rail pump.

Cummins Turbo Technologies – In addition to the fuel systems, the Cummins engines are equipped with the most advanced technologies to deliver incredible performance. With experience of over 60 years in manufacturing turbo technologies, the company provides the most reliable and innovative turbo technology solutions. Cummins is the only manufacturer of heavy-duty diesel engines with turbo technologies in the world.

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Interesting Facts

  • In 1931,Cummins participated in a car race with a diesel-powered car. Although the car finished as 13th, the most remarkable fact was that the car completed the entire race without entering the pit stop.
  • Cummins has around 5,000 facilities in over 195 countries with more than 46,000 employees.

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