Dona Karan is a New York fashion house founded in 1984 and it specializes in designing clothing for women and men. In 1985, Dona Karan, launched first women collection Seven Easy Pieces composed of pieces ideal for any occasion. In July 1991, she launched first collection for men. DKNY is also known for designing underwear, jeans, kids clothing, etc. Dona Karan’s well-know beauty line was launched in 1992. In 2001, the brand introduced its first Home collection which includes luxury and traditional accessories and bedding. First store was opened in London in 1997 and in 1999, the brand opened one in New York City. There are also DKNY stores in China, Canada, Dubai and Denmark. The brand also offers online shopping of all its products. As a design-driven company, DKNY represent the heart of New York fashion. In other other words, DKNY is the spirit and energy of New York City. The brand applies the highest standards of integrity, creativity innovation and quality to its products. DKNY always delivers unique style.


Womenswear And Menswear – DKNY is a brand which offer the most beautiful and unique wear for both women and men. Here you can find fancy and elegant DKNY dresses for women, pants and skirts, jeans and everything that a modern woman needs. Stylish shirts, jeans, tees and sweaters, jackets and modern sportswear are part of men collection.

Shoes – If you need to complete your unique outfit, DKNY offers a huge range of shoes, from sports to elegant, including different kinds of boots and booties. All DKNY shoes are comfortable and always in tune with latest fashion trends.

Bags – Bags are a must-have accessory of every woman’s outfit. DKNY offers bags for any style. You can choose from wide range of beautiful designs, sizes, styles and colors. Here you can also find modern wallets and other small leather accessories.

Accessories – DNKY have modern and stylish watches for both women and men, jewelry, eyewear, scarves, hats, gloves and more.

Fragrances – Fresh, beautiful and well know DKNY perfumes are always in fashion. The exotic Be Delicious and Pure DKNY are probably one of the most popular DKNY perfumes. However, other DKNY perfumes are just as refreshing. Try Fresh Blossom, The Golden Delicious and Be Delicious Intense. All DKNY fragrances are unique, sensual, long-lasting and represents the beauty of New York City.

Video Commercials and Adds

Try DKNY ‘Be Delicious’ fragrance that temps you to take a bite out of life.

DKNY 'Be Delicious' fragrance

Watch the video below and see one of many commercials for this refreshing and exotic fragrance.

Retailers and On-Line Stores

295 Lonsdale St., Melbourne
Phone: + 61 396 611 111

On-Line Store:

Interesting Facts

The real name of Donna Karan is Donna Ivy Faske.

Dona Karan began selling clothing at the age of 14

He also was the head of the design team at Anne Klei

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