Escada is a famous German luxury fashion brand specialized in women’s clothing. It was established in 1978 in Munich, Germany by Margaretha and Wplfgang Ley. Margaretha, who was the model for the Jaques Fath company, used her fashion experience and together with her husband, began designing clothes which stood out in the fashion world. Escada’s success formula was couple’s love, dedication, professionalism and divided work. Margaretha was responsible for the creative fashion designs, while Wolfgang Ley was in charge of the sales, finances, production and marketing. They were a strong and unbeatable team. However, the main reason for brand’s huge success can be explained with four words: elegance, color, quality and fit.

Esacada rapidly became a hit in the fashion world and company’s shares were first listed on the stock exchange in 1986. However, with the death of Margaretha in 1992, turbulent times followed. In 2009, the brand filed for bankruptcy and was acquired by a steel magnate, Lakshmi Mittal. His daughter-in-law, Megha Mittal is now the owner of Escada company.


Nowadays, Escada is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of women’s clothing, accessories and perfumes in the luxury sector of the fashion industry, with distribution in more than 60 countries. Escada’s main sales markets are eastern and western Europe, North America and Asia. Aside from many celebrity clients like Helen Mirren, Kelly Osbourne, Sophia Bush, Heidi Klum, Emma Roberts, Miriam Langenscheidt, Lea Mischele, Demi Moore, Katie Holmes and many more, Escada deserves ovations for brand’s notable clients like Princess Victoria of Sweden and Sarah, the Duchess of York, who are regular Escada customers.

Escada Perfumes - In 1990, the perfume department of the company, Escada launched the first of its unique fragrances, Escada. This classic women’s Escada perfume was designed for all busy women who work with money. In 1993, Escada launches the male version of the Escada perfume. The first “lifestyle perfume” from the line of “Escada Sport Line” was released in 1995. The entire line includes three distinct fragrances: “Feeling Free”, “Sport Spirit” and “Country Weekend”. Other popular scents of Escada are the male “Casual Friday” and the female perfumes “Loving Bouquet”, “Lily Chic” and “Tropical Punch”.

Escada ClothingIf you want to keep up with all new fashion trends, you must own at least one or two Escada pieces of clothing. They are colorful, elegant, casual, feminine, sexy, spicy, classy, extravagant. They are perfect for every woman’s style. It is really difficult to resit them! Just visit brand’s website and choose your perfect outfit for this season and be absolutely irresistible every day with Escada.

Escada AccessoriesEscada’s aim is to produce high quality and comfortable every day models of clothing, footwear and accessories. From its wide range of accessories, you can enjoy the amazing elegant and casual footwear and trend-setting handbags, which will complete any outfit. Just like the clothing and footwear, Escada handbags and accessories are designed for busy women, who want to look elegant and classy at work, and comfy when having fun.

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Interesting Facts & Events

* The name Escada comes from the name of an Irish race horse.

* The largest stakeholders of Escada are the German billionaire brothers Wolfgang and Michael Herz, with about 25%, the Russian investor Rustam Aksenenko, with almost 21% and the Spanish investor Bestinver, with 10%

* The Fashion Brand Escada was based in Aschheim, near Munich in south Germany with about 2000 employees

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