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Freightliner Trucks is one of the most reliable truck manufacturers today. Originally founded as Consolidated Freightways in 1930s and as Freightliner in 1942 in Germany, the company is known primarily for producing heavy-duty 8-class diesel trucks, but also for its 5, 6 and 7-class trucks. Today Freightliner is a division of the world-leading Daimler Trucks North America and it is among the most popular manufacturers of heavy-weight trucks in America. In fact, Freightliner 8-class trucks are the best-selling models in their class in America.The partnership with Daimler turned out to be very beneficial for both companies: Freightliner received more engineering resources, while Daimler benefited from Freightliner’s local fame and success.

In addition to producing some of the best and most powerful heavy-duty commercial trucks, Freightliner is known for producing exceptional truck custom chassis and tractor trailers. The successful history of Freightliner starts with brand’s attempt to improve the abilities of heavy trucks and make them the best-selling models on the market. Within few years and with a lot of hard work invested, they did. The company’s “Fageols” (later known as “Freightliners”) marked the beginning of the company. Even after the WWII, Freightliner continued to design and introduce new products.



Today, Freightliner is still the most popular, most reliable and well-renowned for producing durable and dependable trucks we see on roads around the world. But to get to this position, the company has come a long and thorny way. Freightliner has faced a lot of challenges, but it succeeded in overcoming each and every one of them. Aside from heavy-duty trucks, many different products can be found in the product range of Freightliner. Commercial buses, luxury vehicles, school buses, motor homes, various truck parts, custom chassis and more, Freightliner has expanded its range to suit the needs of all customers. From exceptional ergonomics to great fuel efficiency, Freightliner trucks are bound to change the industry.

Medium-Duty Trucks

Although Freightliner is known as best manufacturer of the heavy-duty trucks and vehicles, its medium-duty trucks are also widely popular. With a variety of cab configurations available, including crew and extended cabs, many different bodies and chassis, Freightliner’s most popular medium-duty trucks are: dump trucks, pick-up & delivery trucks, fire & emergency trucks, tankers and utility trucks.

Severe-Duty Trucks

Freightliner’s severe-duty line of trucks is above the average, with the trucks able to deliver an uncompromising performance. These rock-solid heavy-duty trucks are able to undertake any possible job on earth, on a daily basis. With an incomparable efficiency and a terrifying performance, Freightliner severe-duty trucks are the best choice for tough applications. Dump trucks, crane trucks, heavy-haulage trucks and logging trucks are most popular of this line.

On-Highway Trucks

Freightliner’s on-highway trucks are specially engineered to provide a reliable and highly efficient fuel economy by minimizing the maintenance periods and low costs per kilometer. These vehicles can boost the productivity of any business on the road, as they deliver more spacious cabs than the standards’ and can keep the truck drivers more comfortable. From day-cab models to raised-roof sleepers, Freightliner has the right on-highway solution for any kind of business requirements.


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Interesting Facts

  • Freightliner is the leading exporter of heavy-duty trucks from North America and its key export markets include South Africa, Australia, Central and South America.
  • Freightliner has produced the world’s first 90-degree tilt cab in the industry in the end of the 1950s. This innovation has allowed mechanics to directly access the engine of the trucks for simplified maintenance.

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