Fuzzyard is a company that manufactures only the best quality pet products. They are well known all around the world for their great products. They have been manufacturing the high-quality products since 2003 and in a short amount of time have been selling their products all around the globe. They are known for their colourful and creative designs which were something that hadn’t been done before. Before they had started as a company, many pet products were quite bland and boring in both design and colour. This is what inspired the owners of Fuzzyard to start making their own creative items for pets. From the very beginning, their goal has been clear and that is to provide pet owners with premium pet products that hold a high standard. They are a fashion forward company that is always updating designs, creating and setting trends in the pet industry. While they are based in Melbourne, Australia you can find their products being sold worldwide.


Bedding - Fuzzyard dog beds are for those of you who only want to give your dog the best quality made bed. They come in a huge variety of colours, shapes, patterns and sizes so you can be sure to find one that is perfect for your four-legged friend. The quality of the design and make are guaranteed to give your dog a good night’s sleep. Another great quality about Fuzzyard dog beds is that they are super easy to wash and clean which is not an option with some beds. Dogs just like humans need proper support and padding to make sure they are getting the best sleep possible, so you really shouldn’t go past Fuzzyard dog beds.

Apparel – Fuzzyard prides themselves on being fashion forward when it comes to pet apparel. They have a huge range of different outfits for all kinds of animals. They really do it all when it comes to dressing your pet up which includes items like denim jackets, knitwear, hoodies, and so much more. They have apparel for all your pets and your needs. They have apparel if you want your four-legged friend to be the centre of attention or even if you just want to keep your pet warm when the weather is cool.

Feeding Products – Gone are the days of those boring bowls for your pet when you decide to buy feeding bowls from Fuzzyard. They have an extensive range of bowls and feeding accessories for you to choose from that come in a huge range of materials, prints, and colours. You can find different items like feeding mats to stop bowls from slipping around, to printed stainless steel bowls, to printed microwave safe ceramic bowls, and so much more.

Video Commercials & Adds

Fuzzyard Dog Beds

There are so many great ads out there when it comes to Fuzzyard and their products. There is a whole range of commercials, advertisements, and blog posts that praise their products. There are too many to list but check out this great commercial for their spa range products that has been brought to you by Pet London.

Online Retailers

You can find a large range of Fuzzyard products available at www.petsonthepark.com.au

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