Glowpear is an Australian brand that has a very high reputation in providing self-watering planting systems. Their Urban Garden is the ultimate self-watering planter made to suit the needs of modern, concrete gardeners. It can fit in a wide array of indoor and outdoor locations, in your garden, home, office or balcony.

Their robust construction makes them compatible with various soil preparations. You can use the Glowpear Urban Garden to grow all sorts of flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables. If you’re one of the more devoted urban gardeners who wants to reap the benefits of producing vegetables and fruits, despite all the limitations of the urban living environment, you can always turn to Glowpear.

Regardless how busy your lifestyle is, with this revolutionary planter you won’t have to worry anymore about watering your plants on daily basis. The integrated self-watering system can keep the soil moist for several days, making sure your plants thrive. The Urban Garden planter is a budget-friendly solution which offers endless possibilities, regardless of your requirements and needs.



Glowpear sells a wide variety of planters suitable for every condition. Their planters combine the self-watering technology with high performance. Some of them, like the cafe planter, offer sustainable Accoya timbers and can be effortlessly wheeled indoors and outdoors. This is especially important to optimize the sunny aspect, or to divide indoor and outdoor spaces.

All of their planters have a contemporary design and can be used in both residential and commercial buildings. Moreover, they’re stylish and easy to tend to, and when you combine their toughness and hard wearing construction, you get the perfect planter. They’re constructed from food-safe, recyclable materials that offer high performance.

Depending on the herbs you intend to grow in them, they can come in various dimensions and technical specifications. The cafe planter, for example, has the soil capacity of 120 liters, 200mm soil depth, 26 liters of water reservoir capacity and can withhold 260 kg of weight.

Soils and Fertilizers

Glowpear also sells planting essentials like oils and fertilizers – the most important elements needed to grow flourishing and high yielding plants. Their soils are healthy and comprise of the right balance of nutrients, aeration and pH. They offer the best possible growing conditions with a minimum effort, so you can rest assured that your plants will thrive, no matter how busy your lifestyle is. Organic soils are the most preferred ones and they should contain a fair amount of fertilizer, bark fines, perlite and trace elements. Plus, it has a water saving mulch on top of the surface to prevent evaporation and to conserve water.

Video Commercials & Adds


Here’s an announcement video of the Glowpear Mini Planter that came out a few months ago.

Contact Information

Company name: Glowpear
Address: 10/50 Queen St, Melbourne,VIC, Australia
Phone: +61 421124388
Establishment Year: 2013
Employees: 11-15
Registration Code: 3000

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