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The first vineyard along the banks of Jacob’s Creek was planted in 1847. The whole story starts when William Jacobs arrived in the Barossa Valley and settled on the banks of a small creek. Even today, you can see the original cottage in the Jacob’s Creek visitor Center. When the Bavarian-born immigrant learned that there was potential for grape growing, he bought 30 hectares in the Rowland Flat and planted the first commercial Barossa vineyard. At the beginning, this was just a vision of Johann Gramp, but soon it became a reality. Together with his wife, Johann started a small winery along the banks of Jacob’s Creek. Just few years later, they succeed to produce the first Barossa wine. In 1877 Johann’s son Gustav decides to build larger cellars just 2 kilometers from the original vineyard. In 1912, The Gramp family decided to name their family business as G. Gramp & Sons. The winery lifted the production of the Australian wines to another level. 60 years later, the Jacob’s Creek brand was born. This first named Jacob’s Creek wine was a vintage blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.


Classic – For all of you out there who seek quality and value in a bottle of wine, check Jacob’s Creek range of fresh and great tasting wines. These Australian wines are made for everyday consumption. You have a vast choice of white and red Jacob’s Creek wines such as Classic Pinot Noir, Classic Merlot, Classic Cabernet Sauvignon, Classic Chardonnay, Classic Shiraz Rose. The choice is yours. Choose the one that matches your exquisite taste.

Moscato – No other wine can be compared with the sweet and delicious taste of the Jacob’s Creek Moscato wine. It’s amazing how a small bottle of wine can display sweet flavors of summer fresh fruits. It is perfect choice for the hot summer days. If you want to give your friends a nice refreshment, then serve them a chilled bottle of Jacob’s Creek Moscato wine.

Heritage – The Australian wines are known all over the world for their outstanding quality and style. Well, that’s exactly what Jacob’s Creek offers with the popular Heritage wines. Gramp & Sons have set the standard for making exceptional Australian wines. You don’t know what a good wine is, if you haven’t tried the Jacob’s Creek Centenary Hill Shiraz, Reeves Point Chardonnay and Jacob’s Creek Steingarten Riesling.

Sparkling – Want to make your night special? Then, try the Jacob’s Creek sparkling wines. Fresh and subtle, these Australian wines are perfect for any occasion. Jacob’s Creek offers a wide range of sparkling wines like Sparkling Moscato, Sparkling Chardonnay, Sparkling Trilogy NV Cuvee Rose, Sparklign Moscato Rose and many other.


Video Commercials & Adds

Watch the video below to see what makes the Jacob’s Creek wines so special. See what it takes to produce the best Australian wines. A 100% Australian made wines.

Interesting Facts

Jacob’s Creek is an official partner of the Australian Open since 2006;

The Jacob’s Creek Visitor Center became part of the South Australian Tourism Hall of Fame in 2010, after winning the award Best Major Tourist Attraction for three times in a row

Novak Djokovic stars in the latest Jacob’s Creek TV commercial. They teamed up to promote the best Australian wines.

People can walk through the Jacob’s Creek vineyard and see all 14 grape varieties that are used for making the best Australian wines. Visitors can enjoy in the picturesque sights along the banks of Jacob’s Creek.

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phone: +61 2 1234 1234

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phone; +61 8 8521 3000

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