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Klean Kanteen is a family owned and operated business on a mission to produce the most innovative and high quality stainless steel, BPA-free, reusable water bottles especially designed to drive the toxic, single-use plastic bottles out of business. The company dates back to 2004, when there weren’t many concerns for the environment linked with the use of plastic. Klean Kanteen spotted the issue early and clearly, and began working on a prototype with materials bought at a local hardware store in Chico, California.

The first bottle of Klean Kanteen was introduced to the market in 2004 by the inventor Robert Seals, and it was a safe, lightweight, healthy and reusable 27oz bottle free of BPA and other toxic substances. And it was at that moment when the company’s mission began. The products were shared with people at environmental fairs, music festivals, outdoor recreation events and other types of gatherings, all which received the idea with great enthusiasm.

In 2005, the torch was passed to the Cresswell family, who kept improving the Seals’ original product by developing a line of durable stainless steel bottles to replace the toxic plastic bottles and displace single-use container pollution. With the advice and mentorship of their father Darren Cresswell, the brother and sister team Michelle Kalberer and Jeff Creswell guided the business through all the challenges of expansion and growth and they represent the forefront of the business’ policy advocacy and charitable work.

In 2012 the company joined the ranks of the certified B corporations, meeting all the rigorous and independent B corporation standards of transparency, accountability and performance. Additionally, our business policy is ever-adapting to support fair and environmental labour practices, and we partner with like-minded environmental and non-profit organisations which work to educate the public on health and environmental issues.


Klean Kanteen water bottles come in all shapes and sizes, from the 8oz Tumbler to the 64oz Insulated Classic Kanteen, which are meant to help you keep a variety of cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot safely and efficiently for both you and the planet. They use double-wall vacuum insulation and innovative cap designs to achieve exceptional thermal performance with the use of nothing but environmentally responsible and friendly materials.

Insulated Classic 32oz

If you could have only one Klean Kanteen bottle, make it the Insulated Classic 32oz. This bottle is big enough to fulfill hydration needs, easy to carry and transport to the gym, work or any outdoor adventure. The double-wall vacuum insulated bottle is tested constantly and it has the capability to keep drinks hot for 24 hours and iced for 90 hours. It features an electropolished interior, which is a non-toxic and safe process, and it features rounded corners which makes it easy to clean.

Insulated Food Canister 8oz

Not only can you buy water bottles, but you can also get a food canister which can safely store your food. The Insulated Food Canister 8oz is made of durable, high-quality stainless steel and it’s easy to transport. It features a double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel construction capable of keeping its contents hot up to 5 hours and cold up to 10 hours. The design is grease pencil friendly with a defined area to mark the weight and contents of the container. The canister doesn’t absorb the flavours and odours of the food.

Video Commercials & Adds

Here’s a youtube video of the discountfilterstore.com reviewing Klean Kanteen bottles, talking about the company and the benefits of using Klean Kanteen products.


Address:3960 Morrow Ln, Chico, CA 95928
Hours: Monday – Friday 8AM-4:30PM
Phone: +1 800-767-3173


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