The name Lacoste started getting large media attention in 1923 after young tennis player, Rene Lacoste beat then current French champion, Jean Borotra. Because of his tenacity and a powerful game he played, Rene was nicknamed “the Crocodile” by The Boston Post journalist and quickly made notice in the world of tennis. Lacoste’s fans quickly accepted his new nickname and the legend was born. Rene Lacoste asked his friend to embroider a crocodile on his tennis uniform thus giving the birth to the world’s famous Lacoste brand logo. In 1927, Lacoste self-designed the first cotton, sweat-absorbent and loose-knit Polo shirt that is worldwide known today. Shirts’ innovative design and superior material gain popularity quickly and in 1933 the Lacoste Brand was born. Today, Lacoste is a world renown and iconic brand with shops, licensed retailers and numerous oulets across globe. Since the time it was founded until present day, the Lacoste brand presents an elegant, timeless and upscale look with a mixture of power and determination of its founder Rene Lacoste.


Today Lacoste incorporates the crocodile logo on all its products ranging from shoes, pants, shirts, handbags, watches, hats and many more. All Lacoste products feature high-quality material, well-known design and elegance.

Lacoste apparel

Amongst wide range of Lacoste’s apparel offered in shops worldwide, the iconic Polo shirt is the most popular. Featuring sweat-absorbent and loose knit design, polo shirts come in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes. For those who really want to stand out, Lacoste offers customized and special edition polo shirts. With legendary crocodile logo, these shirts represent not only power and social status, but also a remarkable sense of fashion and style. In addition to popular polo shirts, Lacoste also offers a wide range of apparel products such as: shorts, jackets, pants, shirts,swimwear and different types of tennis related clothing.

Lacoste footwear

Another important division of Lacoste’s product line is footwear. They range in style and color and are suitable for every occasion. Lacoste offers everyday footwear best for daily use to work or walk in the park; tennis shoes suitable for both professional or recreational tennis games; and high-end footwear elegant enough for company cocktail parties. Simple and unique, Lacoste’s shoes are recognizable not only for the famous crocodile logo but also for their quality and durability.

Lacoste accessories

Aside from the fact that this production line is relatively new, Lacoste accessories offer wide range of products such as handbags, watches, belts and eyewear. Here Lacoste embroiders its founder’s known tenacity as it fights fiercely against already renowned names in the industry such as Prada, Breitling, Rolex, Kenneth Cole etc.

Lacoste fragrance

Lactose’s success in clothing industry was expanded in 2003 when Lacoste’s first fragrance, Pink Touch was introduced on the market. It become popular instantly and soon other Lacoste’s fragrances followed expanding this product production line. Company opened new shops and introduced an online option offering customers convenience. The fragrance division of the company has shown great progress, expanding the line of products offered for both men and women to various bottle designs and scents.

Adds and Video Commercials

Below is an interesting Lacosta ad

Lacoste red lets dance campaign


The following is a Lacoste commercial published in January 2012 which is found simple but attention drawing at the same time, including the famous Polo t-shirt transforming into Lacoste perfume.


Retailers & On-Line Stores

DJ Bourke Street Men
310 Bourke Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone: 61 396 432 222

Melbourne Central
Shop 126, Level 1
211 La Trobe Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 03 96 714 760

Lacoste Essendon
Shop G098A
DFO Essendon
100 Bulla Raod Stratnmore

Feeling Sexy

Interesting Facts & Events

*Rene Lacoste was the best tennis player of his time, yet did not touch a tennis racket until the age of 15

*The nickname Crocodile emerged in 1923 when Rene was in Boston playing a match. Him and his coach made a bet that if Rene wins the match, the coach will buy him the crocodile leather suitcase. Rene lost but famous nickname won.

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