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Michael Kors, born on August 9, 1959, in Long Island, New York is one of best known American designers. Many associate him with very popular reality show, Runway, but he is in fact much more than a member of a style jury. Kors’ designs are known for being elegant, simple and refreshing. His perfect elegant simplicity is what has launched his designs to the very top of the fashion world. He believes in comfort and uses this as his guide when creating clothes. After all, he has many celebrities and the First Lady of USA, who favor his designs, as a proof. His talent has, in some sense, shaped the fashion world and continues to. Being exposed to fashion from an early age since he’s mother was a former model, Kors was destined to become a world-famous designer. His easy-going, yet luxury designs are among more popular items on any woman’s list. An American legend is born and will continue to impress with his designs of refined elegance.


Michael Kors brand became worldwide known fashion label almost over night and Michael used this popularity to expand the business in areas other than fashion. Today, in addition to highly acclaimed clothing line, this fashion house encompasses wide array of accessories and fragrance. Michael Kors’ core motto that everything should be simple, which is the key to classic elegance is embodied in everything he designs. From handbags which feature immpecible design to iresistable fragrances, Michael Kors will remain one of most sought-after designers in the fashion industry and beauty market for many years to come. His signature fragrances have solidified their spot among many fans because of their exclusive scents that proclaim glamour and elegance which is simply hard not to notice.

Fragrance –Michael Kors launched his first perfume for women, Michael, in 2001 and has since enjoyed a great deal of success in this department. This signature fragrance is a rich, warm and inviting scent with a sophisticated blend of notes of tuberose, freesia, gardenia and white lily. The woody scents of musk, abmer, suede and sandalwood blend uniquely with floral notes creating a romantic and sensual fragrance. Michael Kors Perfume enjoyed and still does critics’ and customers’ acclaim, which is why Kors introduced many other fragrances for both men and women. His refreshing and moderate perfumes simply turn heads regardless of where you go and are one of the most popular among ladies worldwide. Follow the link below and pamper yourself with one of Kors’ unique fragrances.


Video Commercials and Adds

Below is an ad for Kors’ signature fragrance, Michael Kors.

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Westfield Sydney

Sydney, NSW 200

phone: +61.2.923308332


Interesting Facts & Events

* Michael’s birth name was Karl Anderson, Jr.

* His public life began as a toddler actor


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