After the many years of feudal self-isolation, in 1870, the young entrepreneur Yataro Iwasaki, started small steamship company “Tsukomo Shokai”. In 1875, after several changes the company was named “Mitsubishi Mail Steamship Company”, the ancestor of today’s renowned car manufacturer. The 1918 T1 model of first truck which successfully passed the 1000 mile test, confirming the reliability and durability of its design and the 1931 450 AD diesel car which featured 70 horse power, proved Mitsubishi was worth the acclaim. Iwasaki family has been governing the company throughout the years and their unique managing approach successfully expanded the business to become one of the most powerful company in Japan until the beginning of World War II. At the end of 1945, Mitsubishi had various influences in the Japanese automotive business, banking, transport, extraction of minerals, real estate, chemical processing, etc. With the introduction of new technology and historical Model-A, the first mass-produced passenger car in Japan, Mitsubishi cemented it’s place in the automotive industry. In the late 60s, the automotive industry in Japan marks a new beginning for Mitsubishi with the creation of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), a motor vehicle department of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. Mitsubishi further introduced new strategies for development making it a leading force in the automotive industry worldwide. The team of young, ambitious professionals and exceptional mitsubishi service brought Mitsubishi the worldwide success.


Mitsubishi continuously improves its technology and services, giving creativity a precedence in all aspects of their business. Their new and modern technologies, high quality, impeccable service and high public awareness contribute to their growth and business development. Today, Mitsubishi is a global giant operating in 35 countries with over 100,000 employees and consolidated net sales of more than $ 32 billion according to the latest Annual Reports.

Mitsubishi cars – All Mitsubishi cars like Mitsubishi Mirage, Colt, Mitsubishi Lancer, Lancer sportback, Lancer Evolution, Galant etc. are economical, convenient and compact. Modern design, innovative technology and powerful engines are just few of the characteristics why many prefer to own a Mitsubishi.

Mitshubishi crossovers – The crossovers have great functionality and are suitable for urban and rural roads. Their compact body, spacious interior, high seating position, four wheel drive and frugal, but dynamic engines make them ideal vehicles for any trip.

Electric Mitsubishi – Mitsubishi was the first automaker of a fully electric car model. Mitsubishi i-MiEV is mostly urban, compact car with four large seats This car does not differ significantly in size and the internal space of its petrol competitors.

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The i-MiEV Electric Car from Mitsubishi

The i-MiEV Electric Car from Mitsubishi


Take a look a t the new 2014 Mitshubishi Outlander Sport car convinient even for women.

Retailers & On-Line Stores

Mitsubishi Service Melbourne

207-211 Normanby Road

South Melbourne VIC 3205

phone: 03 8645 6000


Auto Workshops:

The Automotive experts

3/46 Gilbert Park Drive

Knoxfield, Vic, 3180

Interesting Facts

* Mitsubishi’s Lancer 1600 GSR was designed for the 1974 East African Safari Rally. Even though this was their first attempt, Mitsubishi won the race.

* The name Mitsubishi consists of two words – mitsu meaning three and hishi meaning water chestnut which also stands for a diamond shape.

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