Even if you are not a professional photographer, by now, you’ve probably heard about the brand Nikon. Nikon was founded in 1917 by the three leading Japanese optical manufacturers whose main goal was to merge and create a comprehensive and fully integrated optical company that will meet even the highest demands of its customers. The first name of this company was Nippon Kogaku K.K and they started their business by doing a thorough research of the optical glass.

“Trustiness & Creativity” is Nikon’s corporate philosophy, meaning that they are dedicated to their principles and quality work. Meeting the needs of their customers and providing them with a new value that will exceed all of their expectations is Nikon’s aspiration and vision for the future. All these things make Nikon one of the leading and most promising companies in the photographic industry that will ensure you get the best of both worlds, and that is quality and affordability.


Ever since their establishment, Nikon has improved a lot, and nowadays, you can enjoy in its plethora of different optic products. From binoculars and telescopes to digital/film Nikon cameras, lenses, measuring instruments and microscopes, within their rich portfolio, you can find everything you need.

Imaging Products – When it comes to their imaging products, Nikon released its first Nikon camera in 1948 under the name Nikon Camera (Nikon I) and the number of manufactured imaging products has been increasing ever since. In this product category, you can find digital SLR cameras, lenses, advanced cameras with interchangeable lenses, speedlights, film cameras and different types of accessories that can aid you a lot.

Precision Equipment – Flat panel displays and semiconductors are the key elements to IT equipment. Nowadays, Nikon is the major global provider of FPD lithography systems and semiconductors which, in fact, are the core equipment for manufacturing semiconductors and flat panel displays.

Industrial Metrology – Measuring instruments and 3D metrology systems are also a part of what this leading company offers. In this product category, you can find a vast array of stereo microscopes, industrial microscopes, digital microscopes, multi-purpose zoom microscopes, imaging software, X-ray and CT inspections, cameras for microscopy, 3D metrology, CNC video measuring systems, autocollimators, profile projectors and more.

Sport Optics – Nikon has achieved to manufacture different types of products designed for different users and different needs. Here you can find a large selection of binoculars and monoculars, fieldscopes, loupes, laser rangefinders, StabilEyes and a lot more.

Microscope Solutions – A wide range of microscopes and imagining systems is what you will find in this Nikon’s products category. From confocal, stereo, digital and inverted microscopes to cameras for microscopy, upright microscopes, imaging software, accessories for microscopes and so on.

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Interesting Facts & Events

  • In 1925 Nikon marketed its first microscope – JOICO Microscope and the name comes from the initials of the Japan Optical Industry Co.
  • In 1946 Nikon’s brand name was adopted for all types of small-sized cameras.
  • In 1992 Nikon introduced its Nikonos RS, the world’s first autofocus underwater SLR camera.
  • Nikon has its own museum that opened its doors in October 2015. It is located in Tokyo, Japan and features detailed history of the company.
  • Nikon’s Perfect Focus System is used in microscopes all over the world. This system allows researchers and scientists to focus the microscope lens in real time during their investigations.

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