Rittal is the world’s leading supplier of innovative and powerful enclosures and case technology. Since company’s foundation in 1961, Ritttal has evolved and today it is the leading supplier of enclosures, climate control, power distribution, software and services and IT infrastructure. Brand’s constant improvements and dedication for providing its clients with high-end products only, has made the company what it is now – a renowned supplier of powerful and superior quality products.

 “Rittal – The system” unites quality and innovative production, engineering solutions and global service all in one to meet industry requirements. It supplies its products to diverse industries, from plant engineering and machinery to automotive industries. Brand’s philosophy “Faster – Better – Everywhere”! best describes the credibility and quality of offered products. Rittal are quick and better than anyone in what they do,.


Ritall – The System” products can be tailored to your precise needs and requirements, whether it is for industrial, commercial or residential application. Company’s rich portfolio includes a wide range of enclosures, power distribution, IT infrastructure, climate control, software & services, as well as system accessories. Based on a single principle, “Rittal – The System” offers infinite possibilities, all from one single source.


Industrial and commercial, sturdy and quality wall-mounted units is what you will find in Rittal’s portfolio. Explore its large selection of enclosure types, from small and compact enclosures to entire enclosure systems, IT enclosure systems and outdoor enclosures.

Power Distribution

Rittal provides a reliable power supply with its switch gear system Ri4Power and the power distribution system RiLine, that can suit all applications. Choose your power systems, as well as busbar systems and IT power.

Climate Control

Innovative technology, modern design and superior quality are just some of the characteristics Ritall’s climate control units have. In this section, you can choose between the ultimate quality cooling units, air cooling, IT cooling, liquid cooling, enclosure heaters and some accessories for climate control.

IT Infrastructure

From a fan and tiler unit, through to innovative, modern and sophisticated cooling solutions for IT infrastructures, the Rittal’s climate control products are the perfect solutions for eliminating the heat from your components permanently.

Software & Services

Rittal offers comprehensive and customized solutions for planning, configuration, monitoring and project management; a complete support provided by brand’s team of specialist.

System Accessories

For maximum durability and quality, Rittal offers a large selection of system accessories for maximum flexibility.

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The SE 8 System Enclosure

Take a look at Rittal’s TS8 and SE 8 Enclosures

Retailers & Online Stores

Phone: 1300 939 973

Email: online@electrical-enclosures.com.au

Address: 8 Conara Rd Kunda Park QLD 4560

Online store: http://www.imensa.com.au/

Interesting Facts & Events

  • Company Owner: Friedhelm Loh

  • Sister Companies of Rittal: EPLAN, LKH, Kiesling and Stahlo

  • Rittal has over 11 000 employees worldwide.

  • Prizes & Awards – Axia Award, Top Employer, Rhineland – Palatine prize for innovations and so on.

  • It has more than 150 service partners and more than 1000 service engineers.

  • Rittal has 1500 patents and 300 trainees.

  • Rittal also has 64 subsidiaries and 40 agents around the world.

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