Tadano is one of the most reputable manufacturers of hydraulic truck cranes. Headquartered in Kagawa, Japan, the reputation of Tadano is built on constant innovations and efficient solution for various applications. Tadano’s successful story started in 1948, when Masuo Tadano established a small company for manufacturing cargo handling equipment. Two years later, Tadano presented the first railroad track machine, which immediately became popular and was widely used for the maintenance of the railways in Japan. As a result of the initial success, the company introduced plenty of innovative products and technologies on the Japanese market.

From 1960, Tadano is supplying products overseas, and in 1973 the company opened its first subsidiary outside Japan. Since its establishment, Tadano is focused on expanding its operations to new fields of businesses, and today the company operates 25 subsidiaries and 5 affiliate companies throughout the world. Tadano mission is to be a contributor for the creation of a sustainable society by developing environmentally-friendly products, promoting and operating more responsibly.


Tadano earned its reputation on the market with the first remarkable hydraulic truck crane, but it didn’t stop there. The company continued to develop innovative solutions, technologies and products, in order to remain close to its main objective. Tadano started to manufacture rough terrain cranes, all terrain cranes, boom cranes, truck cranes, loader cranes, telescopic boom crawler cranes, aerial work platforms, special purpose vehicles and a variety of other lifting machines and equipment. The company is also known for manufacturing hydraulic components and selling used equipment. Here are the most popular products by Tadano:

Boom Cranes – The boom cranes from Tadano are mounted on truck carriers. They are described as extremely efficient for lifting different materials on the job site. By using cutting edge technology and creative ideas, Tadano offers three boom cranes which are ideal for operators who are looking for powerful machines with the best performance and features for increased productivity. From small boom cranes with maximum lifting capacity of 17 tones, to big and powerful cranes with capacity of 31.7 tones , Tadano offers boom cranes for a variety of applications.

Rough Terrain Cranes – The rough terrain cranes from Tadano are some of the most reliable machines from this crane category. These compact cranes come with a cab that offers convenient and comfortable working environment for the operators. Tadano offers 7 different rough terrain cranes ranging from 12 tones to 145 tones. The smallest model is especially popular, because it can access narrow and tight places.

All Terrain Cranes – Many operators who are looking for versatile lifting machines which can do a lot of things on the job site quickly and efficiently, choose the all terrain cranes from Tadano. The all terrain cranes are ideal for both on and off-road construction applications. Each one comes with a specific engine, but they are all capable of traveling at high speeds on highways. Tadano offers 9 different models with lifting capacity ranging from 40 tones to 400 tones.

Telescopic Boom Crawler Cranes – The telescopic boom crawler cranes, or telescopic boom cranes on tracks, are some of the finest cranes that can be found on the market. Tadano’s telescopic boom cranes are setting a global standard for versatility, performance and dependability. The company offers four models with maximum lifting capacity ranging from 27 tones to 100 tones.

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Retailers & On-Line Stores

TADANO Oceania Pty Ltd.

4/12 Archimedes St. Darra QLD 4076, Australia

Phone: +61 7 3120 8750

600 Cranes Australasia Pty Ltd.

11 Kingston Park Court Knoxfield Vic 3180. Australia

Phone: +61 3 9764 1233

On-line store: www.machines4u.com.au


Interesting Facts

  • Tadano introduced the first hydraulic rough terrain crane in Japan with lifting capacity of 15 tones.
  • In 1955, Tadano introduced the first hydraulic truck crane – the 2-ton OC-2.

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