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Tempur-Pedic International, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of pillows and mattresses made from viscoelastic foam. Their headquarters are located on the Colstream Research Campus in Kentucky, Lexington. They also have manufacturing plants in Virginia, New Mexico, Duffield and San Salvador. This company was originally based on NASA’s research in order to develop a material that would improve survivability odds in case of an accident.

The first tempur mattress was introduced by Fegardala World Foams, which is a Swedish technical foam firm. The brand was then brought to the US in 1992 and the company that is known nowadays as Tempur-Pedic, Inc was founded. The company went public in 2003 and in 2012 they merged with Sealy Corporation in order to create the world’s biggest bedding company. Even though the companies are together, they still operate separately.

Tempur is the only mattress and pillow production company that is recognized and certified by NASA and the Space Foundation. Their story began when NASA developed a pressure absorbing material that will later be used to support astronauts during lift-off or the strain. Tempur pillows and cushions provide an exceptional way of distributing pressure and weight evenly.


Tempur offers a large variety of bedding products, including single, double, queen and king sized mattresses, beds, pillows, traveling and mattress accessories. Their products are known for their comfort and support of the body.

Tempur Mattresses – Tempur offers single, double, queen as well as king size mattresses that are generally divided into 4 sub-categories depending on what benefits they offer. The Original Collection is where it all started – it’s all about the full body support and the weightless comfort. The Cloud Collection lets you enjoy a soft initial feel, but also provides good and firm support. The Sensation and Hybrid Collections are next-gen, where you can experience the relieving benefits and the responsiveness of the springs of the mattress and weightless comfort.

Tempur Beds – Tempur beds are designed with a high level of aesthetic appeal and offer an adjustable bed completely filled with benefits and features. The fit and finish make it look like a modern piece of furniture, and is comfortable in any position while reading a book, working on a laptop or watching TV.

Tempur Pillows – Tempur offers a wide range of pillows, both classic rectangular shaped and ergonomically shaped pillows that offer comfort for the head and neck, preventing aches and ensuring you get quality sleep, even with less than optimal hours. They come with luxurious washable fabric and an on-demand level of softness.

Tempur Accessories – Everything you may need from mattress protectors to traveling accessories that will help make your journey a pleasant one. Our pillows are what we most often miss most when we’re abroad, for this particular reason, Tempur offers travel sets and mini pillows that can easily be stored in a bag or be carried as hand luggage.

Video Commercials & Adds

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Here’s a YouTube video explaining the origins and advancements that Tempur have made in the bedding industry along with a preview of some of the products they offer.


Interesting Facts

  • Only pillow and mattress manufacturer recognised by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation.
  • First mattress introduced by a Swedish technical foam firm, later brought to the United States.
  • Joined with Sealy corporation in order to create “world’s largest bedding company”.

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