Tonka is a familiar name in many households and is one of more popular brands among children. The company behind this name is a manufacturer of popular toy trucks that were a replacement for initial garden equipment products. Originally known as Mound Metalcraft, this company was founded by three business partners – Lynn Everett Baker, Avery F. Crounse and Alvin F. Tesch. The transition from garden implements to toys happened when the building’s former occupant, Streater Company made and patented several toys that didn’t reach large production. Instead E.C. Streater turned to the three founders who found the idea of toy making attractive. After several re-branding measures in 1955, Tonka began operating as a company that manufactured metal toys. These toys soon turned to be company’s primary source of income. The initial logo was colored red with extension of letter T above other letters as waves – presumably symbolizing local Lake Minnetonka. The conceptual design of Tonka toy trunks has shown to be very successful. A concrete example is the Mighty Dump truck along with all other Mighty line of products and accessories which were released in 1963. Core changes in the production of toys were made as the metal used to produce the trucks was replaced with plastic in the late 1980s. Recent history of this company has two important moments: the acquisition by Hasbro in 1991 and inclusion of Tonka’s trucks into the National Toy Hall of Fame in New York.


Toy trucks – Tonka trucks are now officially being sold through Hasbro’s catalog among other brands. This doesn’t mean that trucks are no longer popular among kids as Tonka is the one brand that contributes to majority of sales in Hasbro. As mentioned, trucks are made of plastic and differ in color and function. From garbage trucks to off-road trucks, these toys are pure fun for your kid anytime and anywhere. Prices range according to size of the toy but most of the models have a decent price calculated to reach a wide audience of customers. Most of Tonka’s recent trucks are part of themed line of products by the name Chuck and Friends

Accessories – Most of Tonka’s trucks are sold separately. This means that all additional equipment like special sets and other accessories can be bought also through Hasbro’s retail site or store. According to the size and date of release, these gadgets have different price tags but in general do not exceed truck’s value.


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Retailers and On-Line Stores

ToyWorld Frankston

Station Street mall

Bayside Shopping Centre Beach St

Frankston VIC 3199, Australia

phone: +61 3 9770 6791

Model Cars of the World

39 Benwerrin Dr

Burwood East VIC 3151, Australia

phone: +61 3 9887 9929

Interesting Facts

* Other than it’s popular trucks, Tonka produced many other different toys, including dolls and toys targeted for different gender and age.

* Other less known products of Tonka that didn’t enjoy much success are video games for Nintendo consoles – Tonka Raceway.

* Supposedly, Hasbro is negotiating with Sony Pictures Animation and Happy Madison Productions to create an animated film about Tonka trucks.

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