Toyota Motor Company is a familiar name among car enthusiasts. This Japanese multinational company settled in Toyota, Aichi, Japan began its rich history almost 70 years ago. Kiichiro Toyoda is the man to blame for setting and founding Toyota, after he took his father’s eponymous company – Toyota industries. At first, Toyota Motor was just a part of Toyota Industries and it produced its first product in 1934. Three years later, the very first passenger car was produced that was sold under the name Toyota AA. Toyota was operating very successful until the beginning of World War II. Just like in any other post-war crippled economy, Japan couldn’t help Toyota in terms of barriers to entry and more freedom in foreign exchange. Also materials for production were difficult to obtain, so Toyota was forced to recycle its vehicles for some time and reduce quality of Toyota car service. But after Japan joined the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade things were looking better and in 1965 Japan legalized imports of foreign cars, making competition more fierce for Toyota. In the late 1980′s, company president Shoichiro Toyoda, made a revolutionary approach in running the company as he succeeded to enter US market and compete with domestic giants like General Motors throughout great Toyota car service. His strategy was based on public relations and overcoming social and cultural barriers. In recent years Toyota suffered a blow to their production line because of natural disasters that happened in Thailand and Tohoku, damaging their supply chain and facilities and causing loss of about 400.000 units. Despite this, Toyota is still among the biggest brands in the car industry worldwide.


Cars and Minivans – Toyota has two hatchbacks and three sedans in this category along with one minivan model- Sienna. Toyota Corolla is the leading model in sales overall, being on top of charts in several countries among which is Australia. This confirms the ability of Toyota to adjust in foreign markets and offer great products with excellent Toyota service. Matrix and Yaris are also very popular models in Europe, where hatchbacks have become very practical for city life.

Trucks – Toyota has six models of trucks that are built for household and tough jobs environment as they all have large open trunks. When it comes to price, Toyota trucks are somewhere in the middle, with the Tundra Cremax being the most expensive of all (30,635 $ starting price). Toyota is not very satisfied with its position on truck market but continues to search for ways to improve sales reports. One solution that is showing success is providing cheap Toyota service for loyal customers.

Crossovers & SUVs – Crossovers and SUVs are similar types of vehicles and are usually made for off-road areas and longer trips. Like any car manufacturer in this past decade, Toyota has its own line of crossovers and SUVs that vary in price and performance characteristics. There are exactly seven current models of SUVs and crossovers that are designed to accommodate an eight-member family without any problem. The unique and beautiful design just adds to the value of these models.

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Watch the video below to see why Toyota is No.1 selling brand in Australia and worldwide.


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Interesting Facts

* Toyota’s success on new hybrid cars was proven and acknowledged with the fact that Toyota sold over 75% of all hybrid models available.

* Australia was the first country to receive models of Toyota after Japan legalized international trade.

* Toyota is an official sponsor of the Olympic Games

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