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Millions of people in Australia and all around the world have used quality mobile living solutions by Waeco for over 40 years. RV users, boat owners, truck drivers, campers and all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts have all benefited from Waeco’s wide range of products designed to make mobile living easy. As a part of a growing movement that longs for a desire to explore and conquer the world, Waeco which used to be a separate brand, has re-branded itself into Dometic. In fact, Dometic used to be the parent company of Waeco until it decided to merge its various successful sub-brands into a single strong and distinctive corporate brand. From now on, Waeco’s highly appreciated solutions will be offered by Dometic.

As a result, Dometic’s presence on the market has grown stronger than ever. Offering a wide range of fresh designs and giving customers the maximum ability to choose, Dometic is now a leading provider of five categories of products: climate, food and beverage, power and control, hygiene and sanitation, and safety and security. Dometic’s headquarters are located in Solna, Sweden but it operates in over 100 countries with operations organized into three regions: Americas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and APAC (Asia and Oceania). In Australia, Waeco’s presence is still noticeable. Actually, some of Dometic’s portable freezer fridges commonly use the label Waeco. For instance, if you’re looking what used to be the best-selling Waeco CFX portable freezer fridge, the Dometic Waeco CFX fridge is 100% the same thing, only with an updated colour scheme and some new cool features.


Climate – Dometic offers an extensive range of premium solutions designed to keep you cool while out in the rough and tough Australian outdoors. Air conditioners to awnings, heat pumps, ventilation, climate control systems are only a few of the things Dometic offers to help you feel comfortable on your adventures.

Hygiene and Sanitation – Leaving the comfort of your home does not mean you can’t take any comfort with you. Thanks to Dometic’s comprehensive selection of hygiene and cleaning products, you can meet all your essential hygiene needs while on the go. Dometic offers a variety of portable toilets for RVs, as well as water heaters and even washers and dryers.

Food and Beverage – Being hundreds of kilometres away from your home, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a delicious and healthy home meal together with a refreshing cold beverage. Whether you’re looking for a mobile cooktop, oven or a cooker, or perhaps a quality portable freezer fridge or an icebox to cool your food and drinks, Domestic has all the necessary solutions to keep you well fed and refreshed.

Power and Control – All these essential appliances will need power to be able to run. And when you’re in a remote location, nowhere near a power source, you will need an alternative solution. Dometic features a wide range of generators, chargers and inverters, batteries, control panels and various power accessories designed to provide you with utmost functionality and control.

Safety – Of course, anywhere you’d go you’ll surely want to stay safe. To make your trip safer, Dometic offers a range of security products including safety doors, alarms and safes.

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Here’s a review (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xd2Naxm3p4E) of one of Dometic’s most popular products, the Dometic Waeco CF portable freezer fridge.

Retailers and Online Stores

You can explore Dometic’s full range at their official website www.dometic.com, or purchase from an Australian store offering Dometic products, such as www.tentworld.com.au.

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