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With 35 years of experience, Emotron has been exceeding the expectations of the customers by providing them with best quality products around the globe. Now known as CG with head office in Sweden, they offer the most efficient and reliable control for electric motors, applying their know-how philosophy in order to create the best technical solutions. The personal commitment to make products unmatchable in quality is only set to rise. With simplicity and reliability as their main characteristic, they have combined the state-of-art technology with intuitive handling, flexibility, and availability.

Today, Emotron is spread across 35 countries on all continents around the world. The user-friendly products of CG can be used by everyone. Operators benefit from the easy operator interface, the modular designs allows you easier servicing and simplified installation of cable connections. Dependability comes from the tech itself, giving you smooth operation and robust certified metal enclosures. With smaller number of components, mechanical parts and cables, CG products are easier to maintain. The brand develops shaft power monitors that protect equipment against damage and downtime; they “put all their energy into saving yours.”


The Emotron team uses know-how and positive attitude to develop fit-for-purpose technical solutions to reduce electric energy consumption. Best known for shaft power monitors, the brand also designs different drive solutions for various applications and industries including water handling and sawmills.

Optimized operation and full control – Represented by the Emotron FDU AC drive that offers efficient and reliable operation of pumps developed to control flow and pressure. It offers efficient and reliable operation of pumps reducing energy consumption and lowering service costs.

Optimized start and smart stop – EMOTRON TSA takes motor control on a level beyond any ordinary device. Intelligent load monitoring, smart tops and soft torque start are all part of the optimization, along with robust and compact composition. The soft start is used for fan, blower, pump, conveyor and saw application.

Reliable and cost-efficient monitoring – Emotron E20 gives you ultimate detection with unique technique for calculating shaft power and accurate supervision.

Speed control of rotary heat exchangers – Emotron EMX-R is a drive system that gives you control which includes a motor. It has rotors up to 3.5 metres without a gearbox.
Emotron EMX-P has flexible control unit for smaller rotary heat exchangers designed to provide connection starting from 25 W up to 40 W motors. It offers easy operation, minimal loss and high torque, complete drive system for rotor up to 5.5 meters. Emotron EMX-D is a controlled drive system offering you the same function as EMX-R. It is based on the advanced Emotron FDU AC drive, giving you flexible product prepared for future demands.


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