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When it comes to finding technical solutions to precision angle measuring and anything else you might need regarding precision linear measuring requirements, look no further than Heidenhain. The company was founded in Germany and has been supplying the world with innovative and refined solutions to these problems for more than 120 years! They are a company with passion for science and research as well as being hands on with their customers and users. One of the many things that makes them special is the fact that they supply their customers with reliable products that are way ahead of their competitors. They are known for their remarkable products that offer you solutions when you need reliability, high machine dynamics, maximum efficiency, accuracy, safe process management and simple operation and use. This is why Heidenhain have dedicated their time and skills to only making high precision machine tools, automated systems, automated machines and other electronic components. Heidenhain controls make a huge range of products which includes touch probes, CNC and TNC machine controls, absolute encoders, angle encoders, rotary encoders, linear encoders and so much more. Below we will go over some of their best selling products and where you can find them.


Heidenhain products
Heidenhain Automation – Heidenhain have a whole line of Automation products that are known in the industry for being compact, easy to use and easy to read. They are compact, but don’t let that fool you – they are versatile and really pack some power. These products offer you contouring control, a three servo axes and servo spindle. You can even add more servo axis on some models which is something other brands don’t offer. It is one of the most flexible operations and allows you conversational programming and offline programming as well. These products come with so many features that other companies simply can not compare with and that is why they have built a reputation of reliability and innovation.

Heidenhain Encoders – Heidenhain have a large range of encoders that also make their best seller list. They do it all from angle encoders, linear encoders, rotary encoders to tachogenerators and much more. They are used in so many different industries across the globe to measure the machines that use a closed loop axes. Some of the applications on which these are used might include machining centres, lathes, milling machines, boring machines and grinding machines. They are reliable at traversing speed and at acceleration in the direction of measurement. They are sturdy and durable and that is why so many people use them day in and day out.


Online Retailers

You can find a large variety and range of Heidenhain products at www.fcrmotion.com

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