When it comes to flashlights and flashlight technology Nitecore is the only brand you need to know. They are paving the way for their competition, constantly coming up with new technology and innovations in the field. Nitecore was brought about in 2007 and has been changing the flashlight game ever since. They were created by Sysmax which is another name that everyone knows in the business. Sysmax own Nitecore and many other lighting brands that you may recognize including Jetbeam. Nitecore is mainly known for its flashlights, but they have other products you might not know about including battery chargers and their own vaporizer. This brand is known for it’s high quality and durability which is what makes their products a favourite time and time again. If you are someone who is considering purchasing Nitecore flashlights, battery chargers or their vaporizer you will not be dissapointed.


Flashlights – Nitecore flashlights are the brands best selling products and it is what they are particularly known for. They are always bringing out new products aimed for different people, including torches for search and rescue, hiking, climbing, and just your average Joe. Some of the lines you may recognize from Nitecore might include the TM or tiny monster series, the E or explorer series, the P or precise series, the SRT or smartring tactical series, the C or chameleon series, the MT or multi-task series, the H or headlamp series, the SENS series, the T series, the EF series, and the EH series. There is such a great range of flashlights by Nitecore everyone is sure to find the perfect fit for themselves.

Battery Chargers – Nitecore also have an impressive range of battery chargers which have been designed to charge nearly every battery out there. They have a great range of battery chargers which we will roughly go over some of the latest products. The new i2 is an upgraded version of the original i2, the ugp4 is designed to charge GoPro hero 3 and 4 batteries, the i1 is another intelligent charger, and the um20 is designed to charge li-on batteries. These are only a few of the many new products that Nitecore have released. They are durable and made from quality materials which is what makes their battery chargers a great product.

Vaporizer – The vaporizer from Nitecore is a relatively new product that has proven to be a great one for those who use it. The structure and frame is an innovation in this technology and has been redesigned to differ from a traditional vaporizer. The frame is made from metal so not only is it durable but it looks great as well. Internal heat is not a problem for this vaporizer as it transmits the heat out fast all because of the smart way it have been designed. Not only is it stable and made with quality materials, it looks great as well as being really user friendly. If you are someone who is looking to try a new vaporizer you can not go past the Nitecore model.

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