If you have ever been flashlight shopping or are a flashlight enthusiast, you have no doubt heard about Olight. They were established in 2006 and have been making high quality lighting tools ever since. Their main focus is toward law enforcement and other government agencies that need tactical flashlights. Their tactical flashlights have especially pushed the envelope when it comes to innovation and making the best possible tactical flashlights on the market. They are always working toward improving features such as durability and light output which in turn has paid off for them immensely. Some of their most well known series include the M series, the SR series, S baton series, X6 series, and much more. As well as having a lot of great series, the products themselves are also widely available making it easy for anyone to pick up a great torch whenever they might need one. Olight is a brand that is constantly striving toward making their products accessible to everyone and are always working toward a brighter future.


Headlamps – An Olight headlamp is sure to be one of the best you ever buy. They come with a great range of features and a whole lot of flexibility, which is probably what makes them one of Olight’s best selling products. Their headlamps can include features such as up to 1500 lumens, manual switches, infrared sensors, top of the range LED lights, aluminium bodies, rechargeable batteries, water resistance, and so much more. If you are someone who needs a good headlamp for bike trails, hiking, rock climbing, or any other adventure you might be going on then you simply cannot go past an Olight headlamp.

Tactical Flashlights – When it comes to tactical flashlights its safe to say that Olight knows what they are doing. They have so many ranges that are dedicated to making great tactical flashlights at different prices. Some of the best tactical flashlights from Olight have features such as a huge output of 3200 lumens, acrylic lenses, thick stainless steel bezels, shock resistance, different brightness modes, strobe modes, USB charging ports, aluminium construction, locking functions, and a lot more. If you are someone who works in a field that needs a tactical flashlight nearby at all times you should consider getting and Olight tactical flashlight. This is one flashlight that won’t let you down when you need it most.

Accessories – There is also a great range of accessories that Olight does to go with all their different headlamps, flashlights, and all their other products. Some of the accessories you can find from Olight include things such as batteries, lanyards, sturdy pocket clips for all their flashlights, remote switches, battery chargers, weapon mounts, spare battery packs, and a lot more. Olight has done an outstanding job to make sure that you have everything you could possibly need in an emergency situation. They also have you covered if you are someone who needs a heavy duty flashlight and accessories if you like to adventure.

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You can find a great selection of OLIGHT products at https://www.liteshop.com.au/brands/olight/headlamps

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