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Toyota Hilux


The HiLux is one of Toyota‘s most successful trucks. Its history spans 8 generations, during which time it earned the reputation as one of the most reliable and trusted commercial vehicles. It’s capable of surviving the extreme environments of the Antarctic, Arctic and anywhere in between. The HiLux has sold over 17 million units and it’s Australia and Europe’s best selling pick-up vehicle. Over the years, it has become the complete motoring solution, closing the gap between everyday driving needs and work use.

The first genuine HiLux was first introduced to the public in 1968, which bore the N10 chassis code. It featured a four cylinder 1.5 litre R series petrol engine with four speed manual gearbox driving the rear wheels and a column shift. Not long after, the HiLux range expanded and a long-wheelbase model was introduced.

The second generation of HiLux launched in 1972 and it was the year that the HiLux was introduced to the UK market. The second generation HiLux bore the N20 chassis code, and it featured an updated body with an extended wheelbase, a carry-over engine range and a more comfortable interior.

It wasn’t until about 10 years later, in 1983 when the fourth generation of HiLux came out, that it reached Australia’s markets. A HiLux with a V6 engine was introduced in 1988 which made a breakthrough on Australia’s markets and it remained in production until many years later.

Thanks to the popularity of the HiLux, HiLux parts and accessories are widely available. Whether you’re looking for a control console, a bullbar Toyota HiLux, side steps, rear bars, snorkels or anything in between, you’ll have no trouble sourcing it from a local dealership or online. Look for authorised wholesalers who provide accessories and parts such as the bullbar Toyota HiLux, or any other type of protection and convenience parts to get quality aftermarket HiLux parts.


Latest Generation – The Eight Wonder
The latest generation of HiLux is available in double cab, extra and single body styles. This generation further advances the legend of the HiLux and redefines toughness and reliability with a reinforced deck structure, improved towing capacity, a stronger ladder chassis and an enhance 4 wheel drive. Moreover, it features a well-appointed interior and a brand new 2.4 litre global diesel engine that meets the newest and strictest emissions regulations and standards. The 8th generation of the HiLux was presented to the public in 2016 and it has enjoyed a lot of popularity among tradespeople and family people.

Toyota Hilux

Here’s a youtube video showcasing the toughness and reliability of the 2016 Toyota HiLux -


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