Crown Equipment Corporation is one of the largest privately-owned companies in United States, and it is currently the fifth producer of industrial forklift trucks in the world. In the beginning, Crown EC was a small company in New Bremen, Ohio, founded by two brothers- Car H. Dicke and Allen. A. Dicke. Before the production of industrial forklifts, Crown was known as a producer of temperature controls for coal burning furnaces. In the late 1940s, Crown started the production of antenna rotators, devices that increase the television reception. Crown was making huge profits from this remarkable and innovative device until 2001 when the company stopped the production of antenna rotators because their demand significantly decreased as a result of the advanced technologies. Crown was also involved in the repair and manufacturing industry by producing electronic and mechanical components. However, the most popular product from Crown was the forklift. In 1956, Crown started the production of forklift trucks with a strong will and belief to success in that segment as well. Soon, the company became the fast-growing material handling company, offering a complete range of material handling solutions. After the initial success, Crown expended its presence world-wide. Today, the top selling product is the Crown reach truck. However, the company also offers lifting trucks and material handling equipment.


Crown has established a world-wide dealer network with well-trained sales personnel. Design, production, marketing and sales, Crown is a versatile company. The material handling equipment from Crown has won lots of awards thanks to the remarkable design and superior performance. The design has always been a top-class, ever since the first innovative Crown side-stance design. The unique business approach has proven to be very effective technique for becoming one of the most successful companies in USA and beyond. The best thing about Crown equipment is that most of the forklift truck components are designed and manufactured by Crown. For every warehouse of storage application, Crown provides safe, efficient and affordable lifting solutions.

  • Pallet Truck – The pallet trucks from Crown provide a reliable and extremely powerful performance. These machines are capable to access and maneuver into narrow spaces, withstand heavy impacts, deliver power on operator’s demand and to provide optimal performance. With two series of pallet trucks, WT300 and WP3000, there is a Crown pallet truck for every application.
  • Crown Reach TruckThe Crown reach truck is definitely the most popular product from this company. It is known as a versatile and heavy-duty material handler. Today, there is a broad range of Crown reach truck models, and each one is designed specifically to meet the most difficult material handling demands. Currently, Crown offers 4 different series of Crown reach truck models that deliver reliable and high performance, low operating costs, excellent visibility and increased comfort for the operators.
  • Forklift Truck - Crown’s forklift trucks are widely used for lifting and moving operations on a daily basis. Crown offers three series of forklift trucks: two sit-down series SC 5300 and FC 4500, and a stand-up series RC 5500. The stand-up forklift trucks are widely used because they are extremely productive and efficient.
  • Tow Tractor Crown offers only one tow tractor model which is a reliable and durable solution for lifting different materials from ground level. The TC 3000 tow tractor is known among the users for its excellent driving performance and great comfort. Crown has included a lot of features that reduce the fatigue of the operators, which results in improved productivity, performance and safety.

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Innovation at work is the history of Crown. Find out more in the following video:

Here is the electric Crown reach truck from the ESR 5200 series:


Retailers & On-Line Stores

Crown Equipment Pty Ltd

93 Cherry Lane, Laverton North, VIC 3026

Contact Number: (61) 1300-131-604


Crown Equipment Pty Ltd

24 – 26 Pickering Road, Mulgrave, VIC 3170

Contact Number: (61) 1300-131-604


Crown Equipment Pty Ltd

28 Moloney Drive, Wodonga, VIC 3690

Contact Number: (61) 1300-131-604

On-line store:


Interesting Facts

  • Besides its seven production locations within the United States, Crown has three other manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Germany and the newest one in China.
  • Crown has won more design awards than any other forklift truck manufacturer ever.
  • Crown has a wide global network to suit the needs of every customer. With more than 500 retail locations in 84 countries and 112 company-owned retail branches throughout the world, Crown has a strong market presence all across the world.

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