Hyster is one of the leading forklift truck manufacturers in North America, and one of the most popular manufacturers for material handling equipment all around the world. This American manufacturing company was founded in 1929 by E. G. Swigert, and since 1950s, Hyster is supplying the North American market with high-quality forklifts and other material handling equipment. Hyster was founded as Willamette-Ersted, when the companies Electric Steel Foundry and Wilamette Iron & Steel Works merged and joined their forces. For 85 years, the Hyster forklift trucks are machines for the most demanding lifting application.

In 1936, Hyster opened a warehouse and a distribution center in Illinois, and four years later, the company began to manufacture all of its products there. In 1940, Hyster decided to extend its product range and started the production of industrial Hyster forklift trucks for outdoor and indoor applications. Hyster became popular on the international market in 1955 when several manufacturing plants and distribution centers were opened in Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Scotland, the Netherlands and the Philippines. The international manufacturing plants around the world became an essential part of the company’s success.


At the beginning, Hyster was focused on producing compaction equipment, such as road rollers, earth compaction machines, asphalt compaction, garbage compaction machines and compactor attachments. Hyster dominated the American market with these machines. However, the Hyster forklift trucks have always been the strongest segment of the company, and the company has earned its reputation thanks to the forklifts. Today, Hyster offers a comprehensive range of Hyster forklift trucks, material handling and warehouse equipment on the market. The company is capable to match the unique requirements of each operator with different forklift models ranging from 1 to 48 tonnes. All Hyster forklift trucks are available all around the world via its global dealer network. Here are the most popular lifting solutions by Hyster:

Internal Combustion Engine Forklift Trucks – The diesel and LPG-powered Hyster forklift trucks earned a world-wide reputation for their durability and incredible strength. Hyster offers 6 internal combustion engine models with unique configuration and specification. The smallest Hyster forklift has a maximum load capacity of 2500 kg, while the most powerful forklift a max. load capacity of 9000kg. All six models are designed to meet the needs of every operator, even those who work in heavy-duty environments.

Pallet Stackers – Hyster produces not only forklifts, but also some of the finest and most efficient pallet stackers on the market. The Hyster pallet stackers allow the operators to maximize their warehouse space and productivity when stacking various goods. Hyster offers rider stackers, platform stackers, counterbalanced stackers and pedestrian stackers. Great comfort, low maintenance costs and incredible performance, the Hyster pallet stackers are designed to meet the toughest warehouse applications.

Narrow Aisle Trucks – The Hyster narrow aisle forklift trucks are the most reliable, and tallest forklifts in the industry. These forklifts are capable to meet the demands for high density storage operations and to optimize the storage capacity. These forklifts are ideal for operations in narrow aisles, especially with very high racking. Operators have a wide range of options in terms of model configurations, such as lifting capacity, mast option, platform height, battery capacity, etc., so they can choose the most efficient solution.

Order Pickers – The order pickers from Hyster provide the operators easy and accurate order picking, whether they need low, medium, or high-level order picking. Hyster provides a wide range of order picker models with different capacities. The operators can easily choose the most suitable solution for order picking in order to maximize the efficiency and the warehouse space.

High Capacity Forklift Trucks – These machines are utilized for a variety of operations. They are capable to meet the toughest warehouse demands, and there are different Hyster forklift high capacity models suitable for daily and light-duty applications. From 8 tonne to 48 tonnes, Hyster offers high capacity forklift trucks to meet the unique requirements of every operator.

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Aside from designing and manufacturing exceptional forklifts, Hyster can make a laser show with its forklifts. Here is the laser show at the Hyster HUB event:

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Adaptalift Hyster VIC Truganina Branch

42-44 Jessica Way

Truganina, VIC 3029

Phone number: +61 3 9394 4000

Adaptalift Hyster VIC Springvale Office

1574 Centre Road

Springvale, VIC 3171

Phone Number: +61 3 9547 8000

Interesting Facts

  • The new name of the company “Hyster” came out from the popular command of loggers when a tree was ready to be lifted “hoist her!”.
  • Jumbo” was the first truck from Hyster that was designed with pneumatic tires and a telescopic mast.
  • One of the earliest Hyster forklift truck was a straddle carrier with forks.

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