Founded in 1879, Linde Group is the largest company for industrial gas by market share and revenue. This popular German company is known for manufacturing all sorts of things in different industry sectors, like science, industrial, trade, public, and research sector. In 1904, Linde Group started the production of hydraulic machines. For the next 30 years, Linde expanded its production line with generators, aero engines, gas driven motors, plough machines and diesel motors. The first hydrostatically powered machine by Linde was produced in 1956 and it was called the Hydrocar. Soon after the Hydrocar, the first Linde forklifts with hydrostatic transmission were produced and presented on the market. The Linde forklifts were not the only hydraulic machines, the company managed to produce other hydraulic solutions, such as material handling equipment, forestry machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and municipal machinery. The first hydrostatically driven Linde forklifts were designed with accurate handling, and were capable to provide smooth operation and high operator’s safety. The forklift production was expanded significantly in the early 1970s with the production of the first Linde forklifts with electric motors. Today, as one of the leading forklift manufacturers, Linde offers a complete line of forklifts to its customers in over 100 countries all over the world.


Since the production of the first material handling equipment, the company is constantly trying to provide innovative and reliable solutions to its customers. Customers in need of lifting solutions can achieve better results and increase their earnings by choosing the Linde forklifts. However, Linde offers other useful machines, and here are the most popular Linde products:

Pallet Trucks – The pallet forklift trucks are highly efficient and cost-effective solution for loading and moving loads. Like all Linde forklifts, the pallet trucks are designed with many safety and efficiency-boosting features, and are made from heavy-duty components. Also, they can operate in very tight areas, because of their compact size. There are 9 pallet truck models on the market, and every model is used for specific application.

Reach Trucks – From 1000 kg up to 2500 kg, Linde provides a full line of reach trucks in order to satisfy the unique needs of every operator. The Linde reach trucks are very popular all around the world, known by being versatile and extremely efficient material handlers. Linde offers 7 different models of reach trucks.

Hand Pallet Trucks – For small warehouses that deal with small loads, the Linde hand pallet trucks are the ideal cost efficient solution. The Linde hand pallet trucks require only a minimal upfront investment, while providing excellent maneuverability in all working environments. There are only three models of these Linde forklifts, but they suit the needs of every operator.

Heavy Trucks – The remarkable Linde forklifts for heavy-duty applications range from 10 to 18 tonnes. Designed for heavy-duty applications, the heavy trucks from Linde are capable to handle all types of loads, whether palletised or palletless heavy loads. They are easy to operate, provide great visibility and a comfort surrounding for the operators. Also, they are equipped with the latest innovations and technologies by Linde.

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Workplace safety is one of the core values of Linde, and therefore, the company is including many innovative safety features to ensure safety for everyone. Here is one safety feature that improves the safety around doors, blind corners, crossings and exits. See the new reach trucks R14 – R20:


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Interesting Facts

  • Linde is the only company that has moved from the refrigeration industry to the material handling industry.
  • In 2014, Linde celebrated a special anniversary, 55-years of its main plant: Material Handling Equipment. This year, Linde produced the 750.000th forklift truck, an electric counterbalance forklift truck with 5 tonnes load capacity.
  • In the beginning, Linde was a small company for refrigerator machines, but managed to become one of the leading manufacturers of forklifts and other material handling solutions.

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